5 Easy Healthy Hair Tips

5 Easy Healthy Hair Tips

1. Towel Dry Wet Hair Gently

When you usually get out of the shower it may be natural to vigorously dry your hair. STOP. Rubbing a fabric on wet hair in random directions is not good for your hair. Doing this may lead to unnecessary breakage of your hair. What you need to do is dry your hair in the direction of which it grows with a gentle touch.

2. Get A Haircut Regularly

It may be hard to get a barber appointment but one of the keys to taking care of your hair it to get it cut regularly. Breakage begins at the top of the strand so getting your hair cut before the split ends and breakage can make it down to the root will keep your hair healthy. Hit up your barber just for a light trim to even everything out.

3. Don't stress

It may be hard for us men to not feel stress but stress causes hair loss so when you feel the worries and troubles of the world, calm down, find a quiet place and get your mind right. It's your mind and your life, do what you need to do to protect it.

4. Go Easy On Styling Products

When using styling products our POMADE is perfect because it's natural, not too heavy on the hair and you do not need much of it. Many other products may require you to use dollops of gels and creams and this will harm your hair in the long run.

5. Be Mindful of Headwear

Wearing headwear that is too tight will lead to poor circulation of blood to the head, it doesn't need to be said that blood needs to circulate throughout your body in order to have healthy hair.